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Child of the Wilderness

Son Goku

Son Goku
3 December
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damned // profile // tracking // layout by fruitstyle 


Name Son Goku

Series Dragonball

“Real” Name Billy Takanawa

Room Number M01

Roommate Kurt Wagner

Age 13

Body Type Stocky, muscular

Height ~3’5”

Hair Color Black

Eye Color Black

Main Language Japanese

Physical Status --

Power Limitations See right

Current Belongings Landel’s Starter kit



Rock scissors paper (or Jan Ken) is a martial art move that Goku invented. He starts off by throwing a punch which symbolizes rock. He then pokes the opponent in the eyes which symbolizes scissors, and lastly he pushes his opponent away with an open palm, resembling paper. If it doesn’t work the first time, Goku will switch around the sequence of these attacks, but still shout them out in the proper order. So he may say rock and instead throw scissors to surprise his opponent. Goku will be able to do this up to three times a night because it only disorients his opponent instead of crippling him or her.


Kamehameha is Goku’s trademark energy attack. He places the butt of his palms together and pulls his hands back behind him while saying ‘kamehameha’ before a giant blast of energy spits from his hands. Because it is so powerful, twice the power of his suppressed level in the institute, Goku can only use it once a night. Such a high amount of energy used leaves him hungry, sleepy, and afterward he is pretty much useless for the remainder of the night. Plus the technique takes a bit of time to execute so he will be a sitting duck for a few moments while he charges it up.